Legion Run is more than just a run or an event. It's an experience of a lifetime.Everyone participates for a different reason but they finish all the same, "changed".

This isn't a race, we don't even time you. Legion Run is about overcoming personal challenges and the thrill of proving to yourself you can. But most of all, it's about having fun again.

People having fun during an obstacle course

We offer a “top 5 day in your life” kind of experience, a bucket list item not to be missed by you or your friends. Over 3.5 million people have participated in obstacle courses worldwide and only in just a three year time period. Nothing has grown so fast in the industry of sports, nothing. Why, because it’s not really a sport, it’s a gathering. People are people and people are the legion. When several thousand legion come together, it's impossible NOT to have a great time.

Legion Run starts here. Now it's your turn.
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You will go through obstacles of mud, fire and barbed wire. Each portion of the course will test you in body and mind and will require help from others.

World class obstacles image

After such a life experience, celebration is in order. And celebrate all things legion we will, live music, DJ, games, contests, food, drinks, people dancing with fire and more.

Image of a DJ at an event